Reginald is an ambitious, decisive, and ethical Ph.D. applicant (Digital Media & Education). They are currently applying for consideration at the The University of Pennsylvania’s GSE, The Ohio State University, The Georgia Institute of Technology and The University of California at Irvine.

They hold an MPA and MSEd in Student Affairs, along with a BA in Political Science from Binghamton University. And, They began their journey through higher education with a strong public education. Both an AA from Hostos Community College in the South Bronx and a diploma from the famed Bronx High School of Science attest to that.

With a multitude of internships and professional work in higher education and governmental offices, and diverse educational backgrounds in Political Science, International Affairs, Education (K-20), and Public Administration, Reginald is well prepared to make a difference in our world. They remain dedicated to the development of young people, choosing most recently to work in areas where they can have a positive impact on the lives of younger people.

Reginald also leverages strong verbal and written communication skills in order to help lead a highly effective undergraduate staff at The University’s Bartle Library. In previous years they have worked with Broome County Hears, as an Assistant Resident Hall Director (Go Broome!), and as a President and executive board member of several student organizations.

Professionally, Reginald also contributes to several organizations off-campus as a program reviewer, blog writer, and literature review coordinator with ACPA, as an evaluation reviewer at AFA, and as Co-Chair of the Dangerous & Underage Drinking Sub-Committee for the Binghamton Town Gown Advisory Board. When they aren’t working, Reginald can be found lurking around Kickstarter looking for new games to fund, or playing League into the wee hours of the morning.

Reginald would love to make a living studying and finding ways to use video games to improve humanity in any way possible.

MBTI: ENTJ (Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)
DiSC Assessment: Steady and Conscientious
StrengthQuest: Harmony, Significance, Individualization, Competition, Analytical
IES: Interpersonal Engagement, Exploration, & Positive Regard