Here I will spend some time digging into some of my favorite books, as well as post links to a few video blogs that I do on the same subjects/ pieces.
I may also take time here to blog about the writing process and I get to work on my own first book!

My current Reading List looks something like:

  1. Trigger happy : videogames and the entertainment revolution
  2. Visual digital culture : surface play and spectacle in new media genres
  3. The medium of the video game
  4. Pikachu’s global adventure : the rise and fall of Pokémon
  5. Digital gameplay : essays on the nexus of game and gamer
  6. Video games and interactive media: a glimpse at new digital entertainment
  7. Affective and emotional aspects of human-computer interaction : game based and innovative learning a
  8. Game cultures: computer games as new media
  9. Cyberculture Theorists: Manuel Castells and Donna Haraway
  10. Gaming in Academic Libraries: collections, marketing, and information literacy
  11. Games of Empire: global capitalism and video games
  12. Replay: the history of video games
  13. Hollywood gamers: digital convergence in the film and video game industries
  14. Digital fandom: new media studies
  15. Ethnographies of the video game: gender, narrative and praxis
  16. Gameplay mode: war, simulation, and technoculture
  17. Cultural technologies: the shaping of culture in media and society
  18. Digital sociology: critical perspectives
  19. The transformative capacity of new technologies: a theory of sociotechnical change
  20. Stealth assessment: measuring and supporting learning in video games
  21. The state of play: creators and criticis on video game culture
  22. Emotions, technology, and learning
  23. How games move us: emotion by design
  24. Digital identities: creating and communicating the online self
  25. The art of ethics in the information society
  26. Posthumanism: a guide for the perplexed
  27. On/Off : risks and rewards of the anytime-anywhere internet