Service has always been a large part of my casual life. Starting in High School, taking care of the creatures of the “Animal Room” as I remember it, I had a great time working with other students to help out. My desire to serve really blossomed in my Community College days where I spent large amounts of free time with the leadership development and honors programs. I found another way to scratch that itch at Binghamton. I participated in a service learning floor in my residence hall as well as pledged a national public service fraternity. As I elevated to graduate school I spent more and more of my time giving to professional organizations instead of local people. Here, I’ll blog about some of my experiences. Hopefully, at my next institutions, I can find time to get back to helping real people in real ways.

Somethings that I might talk about here are:

My work with ACPA, AFA, and NASPA
The Town-Gown Advisory Board of Binghamton
Work with Graduate Student Organizations (3)
My work with Fraternity and Sorority Life
Committee work as a graduate representative
TEDx Binghamton
Party With a Purpose and Large Event Planning
Mentorship Work and Peer Interaction
Faculty Search and Hiring Committees
Donating Time Vs. Donating Money